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The Full Story

Thank your for visiting my website.  My story began when C-19 hit.  I had always wanted to become better at sewing and wanted to make clothing.  During C-19 lockdown that is what I did - practiced sewing men's button down shirts.  My husband was the "lucky" one to get a few of the first designs.  Over time I got better and then started making shirts for other people.  I made a few shirts for people at the Parrots Cay and was able to make Parrots Cay shirts which were auctioned for various charities.   I was then able to design the Parrots Cay hockey parrot!  You may still be able to go there and see the final shirt, shorts and coffee mugs I made :)  The final shirt was made from pieces of left over material from all the shirts I made that were auctioned off .

As I branched off into other creative items I outgrew my home space. 

I decided I wanted a location where I could have my equipment and people could come in and see my creations and I would love to help you with your creative project.  


  Another main area I want to grow...

I am looking for like mind people who may be wanting a place where we can meet and hold Bible study or hold prayer meetings. 


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